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Palaform ltd started designing and manufacturing Radio Controlled Model

Hovercrafts in Oct 2003. At that time we had just the one model called the

I.C. Gemini powered by a Model Aircraft engine. We attended our first

ever trade show at the International Model Boat Show in Warwick in

November 2003. It was during this show that we met up with some of

the original Model Hovercraft Association members who encouraged us

to continue with the design and development of new electric models.

Since then we have continued to design, develop and release new models

almost every two years, We now have 6 R/c model hovercrafts available in our range,

five of which are electrically powered. The main attraction for our products is that they are fully amphibious and are suitable for Water, hard surfaces and in some cases grass.


The Sirius-600 is very durable against knocks making this craft ideal for racing. The kit is supplied with a ready to fit 7” duct.

One major design change is that the Sirius-600 is the first model hovercraft manufactured by Palaform Ltd which can be converted to a separate Lift (Lift Duct required – optional extra) and Thrust motor.

The Sirius 600 kit comes in black or white.

Order yours now !.


Introducing the New…………….

Testimonials & Press

Gemini to scare birds on the Gold mine dams. "We have tried a number of techniques unsuccessfully, and have been advised that a hovercraft may be a suitable way of scaring the birds"

Megan Westlake, Environmental Officer, Barrick Gold, Lawler's Goldmine Australia (www.barrick.com)

"We at BAA Operations Department Stansted Airport have purchased one of the modified Hovercrafts for bird dispersal on our large balancing ponds. "

Airside Operations , BAA Stansted Airport

"..the Aero Racer makes a good entry level hovercraft for anyone wanting to get into model hovering “

Marine Modelling International, Aero Racer




From £69.99 Sirius

OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS :- Please order in our shop and select “pick up from store”. We will contact you with the best postage rate we can offer. The prices change so often it is often difficult to offer a good postage rate, so we prefer to tailor it to each overseas customer.